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On Spirit Mountain by Om Jaya

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

     The title track from these recordings is the first composition I wrote during my stay in the ashram. On Spirit Mountain expresses the joy and mystery of a sacred environment, where time is measured by the sky, where the rhythm of nature dictates the dance.     We live in a beautiful world that is distorted by inconceivable actions against life, and Far From the Beginning, featuring the voice of Morning Bear, is a statement of how far from the truth we have drifted.     At the ashram, many nights I slept under a blanket of stars and contemplated the cosmos and life.  Compassion For An Alien was written in offense of the assumptions made that we should fear extraterrestrials. I've Forgotten What I've Lost, inspired from a conversation with a monk, is about detachment and letting go of material illusions. The voice in the end of this song is the monk chanting.   

Bright and Morning Star, light emerging from the horizon, silent beauty.


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