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storys and reflections
Om Jaya Music Far From The Beginning
Far Away So Close

I left the city, maybe this time for good. The world is moving way to fast and I am slowing down.

These songs where created and recorded in a small village in Northern New Mexico.

The Last Moon. The moon layed in the night and crowned us with light. As she said goodby, her eyes sparkled like diamonds. We we're leaving this land for another and would never see the moon from this place again.

Let Me Experience You. During my stay at the Lama Foundation, I fell in love with myself. For a brief time I remembered who I am.

Fallen Trees. A fierce wind blew thru the land and layed down thousands of trees. It was a sad sight but a natural one. Earth has plenty of time to nurture her new seedlings. We, like the wind, are just passing thru.

Lady In White. Beautiful and Pure, Like a mother, she appears when love is in need.

Nocturnal. Mysterious is the night. A piano gently calls the spirits.

Forgotten Stars. All things will pass, even the memories of our past.


Om Jaya Music Between Heaven and Earth

a few quotes from friends about the record

trancesends the material world

 and enters the realm of spirit.

   the record puts you somewhere            between sleep and awake                 a very spacious place to be

vintage and already in the future

       you forget where you are then              realize you are detached from the 

 world and comfortably in your mind

    between heaven and earth

doesnt take you out of yourself,

     it brings you into yourself


Om Jaya Music On Spirit Mountain
Om Jaya Music
Om Jaya Maxwell
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