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om jaya


    Om Jaya is a musical and visual artist, creating works that transcend the material world and enter the realm of pure spirit.

   His musical work has been described as ambient, reflective and hauntingly beautiful.

The piano came to his life late in his fifty's. After years of deep spiritual contemplation, he changed his name from Maxwellvision to Om Jaya, a name given to him by a monk.

    Om Jaya says ' I have become a pianist, not one of practice and theory, but one of quietude and contemplation '.

    As a visual artist Om Jaya works under the name Maxwellvision. His work has been exhibited in prominent galleries and his collectors are many.

He says, ' as an artist, I seek inspiration from the wonders of nature and the cosmic world around us. A simple line, visual or musical can alter the mind, a shape or sound can satisfy desire '.

   Minimal and complete, Om Jaya's work, musical and visual, inspires and encourages one     to remember things sacred and at the same time, abstract enough to invoke a dream.

                                             Always potent, his work is sublime.


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