will you be my patron 

                a patron is someone who gives financial or other support to a person,

                          organization, cause, or activity. as in a patron of the arts

An artist creates.

Sometimes playful and easily and other times in torturing madness. An artist creates, not because an idea has come but because its the force that gives them purpose. Artist's expose themselves, not for our judgement but because they live on an edge outside of convention. They entertain and influence the way we see and feel the world. They inspire us, they stimulate us, and they enhance our moods. 

     Being an artist is a lifestyle not an attitude. It requires focus and discipline. It requires the courage to be alone for long periods of time. An artist must believe, no, he must know that what he's doing is relevant and potent, a contribution to society. 

 Artist's are finding it harder to compete in the aggressive markets where the value of creative goods are being under sold. And now in the digital age, it's easy to download an artist's images and music for free. Even though it's illegal, it is a trend that has escalated. 

We live in a world of art that is often not paid for.

  What is an Artist to do ?

  I know, keep creating.

 It has been said of my work that it is cathartic, meditative and an expression of seeking spiritual balance. It is medicine for the soul 

                                    it has also been said 

          ' that you forget where you are and detach from the                           world then realize you are comfortably in your mind '.



' transcends the material world and enters the realm of pure spirt '

   Ive always been an artist and always earned a living. I never   thought being an artist would become financially difficult,

 and this is why I am asking you to 

    become one of my patrons.   

With your support I can help others, I can make my work available to everyone, everywhere.


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Thank You