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artist statement

 We are surrounded by so much beauty and potential that is overlooked with the mind of struggle and chaos. It is a constant challenge to be present and   in the state of love, gratitude and compassion. That being known, the work I create is from a spiritual perspective and a focused intent and the ease at         which this work flows from thought to creation is a testimony of a universal              language, one that is all knowing and rooted in sacred wisdom. 

  As an artist I seek inspiration from the wonders of nature and the cosmic world around us. A simple line, visual or musical can alter the mind, a shape      or sound can satisfy desire. Minimal and complete, this work encourages        one to remember the sacredness of family and love and at the same time,                                    abstract enough to invoke a dream.

   Maxwellvision Om Jaya is an artist and musician. he lives and works at Knowhereland, high on a mountain  overlooking the                                         waters  of Malibu California and at the Satellite, a mile high studio in Denver Colorado

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